Mu-Theory - About the Band

Mu Theory is a Rock band from Melbourne, Australia whose members write original music with classic rock influences such as The Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan & The Eagles. The band formed in March 2009 and has since released two full-length albums. Our original repertoire also includes songs from our singer’s solo album released in 2007. 

Mu Theory rock songs focus heavily on melody, story-telling and powerful backing vocals. Mu Theory comprises –  

  Tony Brewin on lead vocals & acoustic guitar;
  *  Ian Rutherford on keys;
  *  Chris Birchall on lead guitar & backing vocals;
  Stuart Naylor on drums & backing vocals; and
  *  Patrick Ferdinands on bass guitar.

 The members of Mu Theory divide their time between song writing – which our fans tell us reminds them of the music of their youth - and live performances across a number of local venues and festivals. Our live sets include a range of upbeat and punchy covers from our broader influences and our live performances are steered by our outrageously animated front man, Tony.

Tony - Vocals & Guitar

Tony has been writing and singing tunes for the past 30 years. Though not prolific - he has written over 100 songs and has fronted bands such as: Lazee, Sell the Kids, Scratch the Cat and the apparently world famous Whittlesea rock trio phenomenon Wonderpants. In 2007 he released his debut CD - Happiness - and soon after felt the need - yet again to go through the masochistic heartache of forming an original band. The ads went something like: can you play to a professional level - though you may be old and greying - and may be stressed out from your day job and also interested in parting from your well earned splash - to chase crazy musical dreams - well then this may be for you!

Ian - Keys


Ian's been playing keys pretty much all his life and has never lived anywhere without a keyboard. Extended travel for business always requires a keyboard. Always! The long list of keyboard players that inspire him includes Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson, Jon Lord, Elton John, Leon Russell, Donald Fagen, Bill Evans and a special mention for Tony Carey for a ripping intro on Rainbow's Tarot Woman (look it up).

As the gadget king of Mu-Theory, Ian loves gear. We've lost track of which keyboards he owns, although he managed to record the album using only four. The sound of vintage electric piano, organ and synth is a big part of being "Mu", although the band have officially outlawed the wearing of capes - however Ian's personal time is his own!

Stuart - Drums & Vocals

a couple of years on he started hitting things, but not using his fists. By HSC he had become the drummer for the band, and pretty much gave the trumpet away ... 

During his adult years (so far) he's played with local orchestras, jazz groups, the occasional brass band and theatre-pit work - mainly at amateur or semi-professional levels. Stints with a couple of rock bands included one with Tony Brewin during the early naughties - this went so well that Tony called him back in 2009 to resume attempts to defeat the "first gig" syndrome, followed by the "first record" syndrome - both duly successful ventures!

Chris - Guitars

Chris has lived in the Yarra Valley all his life, and has been playing guitar for almost 40 years (you’d think he’d be able to play it a bit better than he does after practicing for that long!) His principal early influence was Eric Clapton and therefore Blues/Rock, leaning more towards Blues for which he still has a love of playing, listening also to the great BB King, Buddy Guy, and  Stevie Ray Vaughan

But if you look through his CD collection you’ll see an eclectic mix of early Chicago, Yes, Santana, Doobie Brothers, Allman Brothers and Tribal Tech (jazz fusion) to name a few. But his all time favourite band by far is Steely Dan. There’s always a Steely Dan CD in the car just in case he needs to be reminded of who the masters really are!

Pat - Bass Guitar

Patrick’s musical journey began in the middle of high school when he was given a bass guitar for Christmas. He requested a set of drums……but Santa wisely thought otherwise. From that time Patrick has played as much with the bass as with anything else (and that is saying a lot).

<Patrick has played with a number of rock covers bands and previously worked with Tony on his 2007 Happiness CD.

Patrick’s interest in music is varied including rock, hard rock, jazz, blues and classical.

Patrick joined the band at a time when Mu Theory urgently required a tall, dark and handsome member. Fortunately for Patrick, Mu Theory seems satisfied with one out of three.

Former Members: Ivan - Bass Guitar

Ivan played bass on the Until We Lose It Album! Thanks mate, awesome effort

Ivan's musical journey began back in the early days of high school when he took up playing bass guitar in the school jazz band, swing band, orchestra and rock band.  Exposure to so many different styles at this early age has nurtured a love of all kinds of music.  Whether it be hard rock, blues, funk, soul, gospel, folk, classical, or jazz, it's all been an influence  on Ivan's playing at one time or another.   And to this extent it's been the perfect lead up to becoming the most recent addition to Mu-Theory.  

No comments about Ivan's accordion playing days before he became cool and started playing bass.  Although the accordion is sure to make a comeback, so stay tuned.